Houston COVID-19 update: Increased cases; domestic violence, assault, burglary also up

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The City of Houston delivered their daily COVID-19 update. which included an increase on domestic violence.



Houston Mayor Sylvestor Turner said we have 81 new cases in locally bringing our total to 587. The Mayor attributes additional testing sites to the increase in numbers. The downside is, numbers will continue to increase as more are tested for COVID-19 in our area.

The Mayor reported two more local coronavirus deaths, of which brings our total death count to 8 in the City of Houston. One is a male in his 40’s with underlying health condition. He died March 27th.

He is also the youngest local person to die of the virus locally.

A female in her 60’s passed away April 1st.

Officials say the delay in reporting these deaths was due to confirming each person’s actual cause of death.

Officials reaffirm that asymptomatic spread is indeed very real.

Stay aware, and stay apart. Social distancing is working when you compare Houston to other cities.

Houston officials

Starting today, detailed Houston demographic information, including the number of positive cases, age, recover status, and deaths will be reported online by:

LIVE MAPs: COVID-19 Cases in Houston, Texas and Worldwide

Houston Fire Chief Pena reported 141 firefighters are currently in quarantine. 13 others have tested positive for COVID-19. Two or three are now back at work. 48 other HFD personnel are back to work after quarantine.



Houston Police Chief Acevedo affirms HPD is completely operational during the outbreak. Among HPD members, 135 officer members remain in quarantine today.

Chief Acevedo also confirmed 17 officers have tested positive for COVID-19. Two front-line officers who had tested positive have since recovered. Two other HPD members remain hospitalized. One of those two remains on a ventilator. He asks the public for prayers.

The Chief also reported a decline in crime around the area, including a decline on call volume by 7%. Houston’s homicide rate is also trending downward amid the pandemic.

Increases in crime include aggravated assault by 10%. Domestic assault is also up by 2%. Chief Acevedo says it’s likely due to the stay-at-home order.

Putting a stop to domestic violence in Houston and beyond

The Chief said children are still encouraged to report any home dangers to their teachers while they continue to take classes online.

Burglaries of closed businesses is also up. The public is advised to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

River Oaks restaurant burglar takes booze after closure.

The Mayor also addressed city employees.

If city employees test positive, the presumption will be it was work related for worker’s comp purposes. Even if you are quarantined as a firefighter, you will be carried on worker’s comp and not lose your time. If you are a city employee and test positive, the presumption is that it was work related. That applies across the board for city employees.

Mayor Turner

The City says as of today, we are able to handle the workload of COVID-19 patients (among others) within our healthcare system.

Also, there is no problem with the food chain. Folks can continue to go the grocery stores and the park, but maintain social distancing.


Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo was not present at today’s briefing, but issued a statement:

Today, our county reached a grim milestone. Within Harris County, including the City of Houston, more than 1,000 residents have now tested positive. Deaths have now entered the double-digits – 13 people have had their lives stolen by COVID-19. We know it is easy to feel powerless against this virus, an invisible force responsible for so much hardship across our region. The truth is, we are not powerless. For those of you at home, distancing and protecting your community – thank you. That simple act of staying physically apart from others is making a difference by saving lives – among the vulnerable and strong alike. Those same actions will help us get past this surge in cases sooner so that we can go back to normal and our economy can get back on track as soon as possible. As we have with every other challenge we have faced, we will emerge stronger when this is over- but the only way to get there is together.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo



The Mayor also spoke online about church this Sunday in a video on he posted on his Facebook page.

Here’s a look:

“The goal is to slow the progression and flatten the curve in order to stay within the care capacity level.” they’re able to handle the caseload within our hospital capacity. We control each other’s destiny. If we can continue to have compliance, we will flatten the curve.”

Houston’s Mayor Tuner



The Mayor also announced that the Houston Astros are are also conducting a PPE supply drive this Wednesday.



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