Houston dentist embraces local artist with unique art gallery

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HOUSTON— A Midtown dentist has found a cool new way to fuse art and science by creating a gallery above his dental practice for local artists.

Dr. Ben Golik takes pride in being the owner of URBN Dental in Midtown, but his dental practice offers more than just a routine cleaning.

“At URBN Dental we like to fuse art and science,” said Golik. “Not only do you want to walk in and get your treatment done but also ask who the new local artists are.”

The Midtown area is one of the many communities that has been affected by gentrification and although Dr. Golik agrees that  the new businesses have brought major changes to area, he believes that the art culture that helped fuel the community can still be preserved.

“At the end of the day we are dentists but we also appreciate the community,” said Golik. “What we want to do is combine both the local artists in the area of Houston and at the same time the music and theater world as well.”

To bridge the gap and show his love for the art community in the area Dr. Golik offers artists a free space in his up stairs loft to showcase their work every first Thursday. The upstairs loft of the dental office is transformed into a gallery complete with artist exhibitions, photography and sculptures.

Dr. Golik even provides the artists and guests with food and cocktails.

“Here at URBN Dental we’re a little different than your old dentist, said Golik. “We have high modern technology where not only can you get a beautiful smile but a good piece of artwork as well.”

Well said Doc. Your’e definitely painting with a twist!

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