HOUSTON (KIAH) — It has been said that being a parent is the one experience that brings both life and meaning into one.

Anya Willoughby lives by this she has dedicated her life to serving those creating life. She was an OBGYN nurse for 15 years. Upon seeing the disparities in the health care system, she decided to become a doula, which assists women whose needs and concerns are often overlooked.

“What we know about black women is that we are three to four times more likely to die than our white counterparts in that pregnancy year and in some places like New York City it is as high as 12%.”

Anya Willoughby, Doula

Anya’s mission was simple-to give women support and respect in one of the most vulnerable moments of their life.

“What cultural competency does it allows the medical professional to meet each person where they are, and what we hope comes of that is that we are more intentional with this specific person.”

Anya Willoughby, Doula

Anya says when the pandemic hit she became the busiest she’s ever been. She adds many women are now seeing they have options for childbirth. Giving women the confidence to advocate for themselves is why she does what she does.

In the end when the baby is born and I see she is a happy mom that is what feels really good.

Anya Willoughby, Doula

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