Houston Flood Museum now open for touring— all you need is internet connection!

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HOUSTON — Houston has a brand new museum that’s literally flooded with exhibits! If you want to take a tour, you can’t beat the price: totally free!

“We’re a virtual museum, so we’re located wherever you are,” Founding Director Lacy Johnson of the HoustonFloodMuseum.org said.

“The flood museum is a work of public and communal remembering about the catastrophic flooding that increasingly affects our region. Right now, we’re focusing on the human side,” Johnson said.

“We’re using stories about the storm and about recovery and about damage and about loss in order to reflect together about the ways that the environment, climate, urban planning affects us is different ways depending on where we live in the city, the kind of income we have, our access to resources.”

Just like a typical museum, this one has several exhibits! You can watch our public officials. Remember the Cajun Navy? They’re featured, too.  According to Johnson, the communities stories are another must-see.

“It’s a little more raw and that`s coming to us just submitted by community members stories, essays, photos, just documenting what they saw,” Johnson said.

For every flood victim, there was at least one good Samaritan. Stories of neighbors helping neighbors are a big part of the virtual museum.

“What I hope the flood museum does is help us make that impulse that we felt at that time more enduring,” Johnson said.

You can use the site’s online form to submit your own storm story.

In reality, the best way to experience a hurricane is virtually!

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