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HOUSTON — There are just days left until the start of the Houston ISD school year and hundreds of parents are left scrambling to find a new school for their kids because the district has abruptly cancelled its affiliation with a charter school.

Suddenly, Kandy Stripe Academy Charter School will not open this upcoming school year. Many parents are just finding out and were told by automated voice message. Rosalinda Scallion, a parent at Kandy Stripe is furious.

“They should have prepared us, they should have given us a heads up when school let out,” Scallion said.

According to HISD, the district board voted Thursday to not renew the contract with Kandy Stripe Academy and parents feel blindsided with only 12 days before the start of the year.

“Uniforms, $200. They going to reverse our money back?” parent Michelle Deason said.

HISD released a statement that reads:

The Houston Independent School District Board of Education voted on Thursday to not renew the contract with Kandy Stripe Academy. We want to emphasize that every student will receive assistance to transition and register at their zoned school, or another HISD school with available space.”

Parents are determined to keep their kids at Kandy Stripe and do not feel an HISD public school will give them the attention they need.

“My oldest daughter has been achieving ever since she got there and she came from an HISD school,” Deason said.

If you have any questions about this closure, parents can contact the HISD Parent and Community Assistance Office at 713-556-7121.