Houston Mayor responds to downtown protesters seeking justice for George Floyd


Mayor Sylvester Turner

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Native Houstonian, Mayor Sylvestor Turner is speaking today about George Floyd and the protests over the public’s request for justice for his death.

This is Houston. I know the emotions can run high, but let’s work together. My commitment is that we will respect every single person in this city. And we’re going to work very hard to get it right to earn and hold on to the trust and confidence you place in us all.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

At dusk, groups have begun to splinter off into different groups of marchers where they are blocking traffic roadways. Police arrested at least two people around Houston Avenue right outside the Reisner police station downtown.

Police lines are forming in areas of disruption where groups protest and split up.

Today, a police cruiser was bashed and its windshield destroyed. No word on if anyone was arrested for the damage.

EARLY VOTING in Harris County, Sugar Land, and Katy



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