HOUSTON (KIAH) — Everyday animals are living on the streets with no home to call their own, and some are rescued around the city of Houston.

It’s a crisis that non-profit organization Houston PetSet has made it a mission, to change, and find homes for all furbabies. But with over crowded pet shelters, the chance of finding a home locally, can also be a challenge.

That’s why Houston PetSet has taken it a step further, by finding ways to transport animals around the country, to find homes too.

It’s called the “Crown Royal Express”! This is what Houston PetSet calls its transportation of adoptable dogs and cats program. The transport wrapped up its 2021 season of transports, by loading up 107 adoptable dogs and cats from all across Houston and southeast Texas over the weekend.

Started by PetSet co-presidents Tama Lundquist and Tena Lundquist Faust, the program honors their father, Wayne Lundquist, who made their transport program possible. It’s also called the “Crown Royal Express” because the sisters say their father loved to occasionally sip his favorite drink.

Check out the important “Crown Royal Express” Transport and hear from Houston PetSet, by watching the video below!

This transport includes dogs and cats from the Harris County Animal Shelter, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Pasadena Animal Shelter, Pearland Animal Services, S.A.V.E., Woly Kitten Club and the Sunshine Fund.

Two drivers and a vet tech are traveling with the animals, to keep them safe and comfortable, while dealing with any of their needs, and making a few stops along the way as they head to Minnesota.

Once they arrive, the Angel of Hope, Animal Humane Society and The Babinksi Foundation will receive these adoptable animals and get them ready to find new homes.

The reason why Minnesota was chosen is because all three Lundquists are Minnesota natives.