HOUSTON (KIAH) — Over the last few years, the number of fallen officers in the city of Houston and Harris County has gone up. Recently, two duties were killed hours apart.

Two Harris County deputies were killed within a 24-hour window. This makes it the deadliest time frame for law enforcement in both the Houston and Harris County areas since 2019.

Starting with our two most recent cases, early Sunday and Monday morning just after midnight, Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office Corporal Charles Galloway, shot while sitting in his SUV during a traffic stop.

Around that same time, Sgt. Ramon Gutierrez from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office was ran over and killed while escorting a heavy load along the service road. He was off his motorcycle, blocking the exit ramp when a woman drove around his motorcycle and struck him. The woman was later discovered to be intoxicated, police said.

Back in September of 2021, Senior Police Officer William “Bill” Jeffery made national news coverage after losing his life while serving an arrest warrant.

Over in Precinct 4, deputy constable Kareem Atkins was killed during an ambush attack at a North Houston nightclub back in October.

To put this into perspective, the Houston Police Department (HPD) has a total of 120 line-of-duty deaths. Of those. 10 were automobile crashes, 11 vehicular assaults, and 73 died by gunfire. Also, 98 percent were male officers.

Most of the deaths occurred in the months of January, June, March, August, and October.

In Harris County, the department has a total of 49 line-of-duty deaths. Of those, 6 were related to COVID-19 and 20 deputies died with gunfire involved.

As for the most popular months, it’s spread across the board. With July and September being the top two.

As we learn more about the reasoning for these deaths and the impact it has on our streets, we will be sure to keep the community informed.