HOUSTON (KIAH) — People who are traveling for Thanksgiving no doubt have a lot on their minds including how to navigate busy roads and how to arrive at their gates in time for their flights.

The Houston Police Department has one more thing for those folks to think about — protecting their cars, luggage, and other property.

Sgt. Tracy Hicks with the HPD Auto Theft Crimes Task Force says there are an average of 40 cars stolen across the city every day, and he says GMC and newer Chevy pickups are the most common targets.

He urges owners of those vehicles — and anyone concerned about their cars being stolen — to upgrade their factory alarm systems or install steering wheel locks or kill switches.

Hicks also warns people against leaving valuables — like firearms — in their cars, especially when leaving on a long holiday trip.

“We’re in Texas. Everybody’s got a handgun,” he said. “And when you get to the airport and realize, oh, I obviously can’t fly with this, stuffing it under your seat is not an option.”

Hicks says more than 3,600 guns were stolen from cars last year and that number is on pace to be higher this year.