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HOUSTON — Houston rappers “Just Brittany” and “Z-RO” made an appearance in court concerning the aggravated assault case she filed against him Wednesday.

“I just want to put all of this behind me, and move on with my career,” said “Just Brittany,” whose real name is Brittany Bullock.

“Just Brittany,” looking serious in sunglasses, suit and tie, has hired attorney-to-the-stars Lisa Bloom to represent her.

Bloom wasted no time correcting an earlier report that “Z-RO,” whose real name is Joseph McVey, has been cleared of all criminal charges.

“In fact, misdemeanor assault charges were filed against him last night, and Brittany and I are committed to seeing this through, and to getting justice on that charge,” said Bloom. “This is a serious case. There’s a recording of multiple death threats, as she says she was being assaulted. And so clearly, I think felony charges would have been appropriate.”

A grand jury “no billed” the felony charge on Tuesday.

“Brittany was ready, willing and able to testify in the grand jury, if she had been requested,” said Bloom. “She was not requested. In fact, she did not even know that that was going on.”

Bloom and “Just Brittany” were in court Wednesday, seeking a permanent protective order from “Z-RO.”

“The judge decided to continue that hearing until tomorrow, because Z-RO’s attorney is not available,” said Bloom.

They will return Thursday at 8:30am for that hearing.

“I also am responsible for getting justice for Brittany on a civil case,” said Bloom, “We have not filed the civil case yet. We call upon Z-RO to acknowledge what he did, to apologize, and to make amends. If he wants to contact me about that, then perhaps we will forgo the civil case.”

“Just Brittany” says she has forgiven “Z-RO” for the alleged beating incident.

“I just don’t want nobody, any young girl who’s growing up to feel like it’s OK that a man can abuse them, and that’s love.”

“Z-RO” didn’t have much to say to the cameras, other than a quick album plug.

If convicted of misdemeanor assault on a family member, “Z-RO” could spend up to a year in jail.