HOUSTON (KIAH) Rocker turned country’ish artist Gwen Stefani is performing at Rodeo Houston tonight.

9:28 p.m. – It’s showtime for 65,561 ticket holders inside NRG. stadium. She started her music set with “Great Escape.”

She’s wearing a white denim cowgirl shorts set with massive gold fringe and gorgeous turquoise and red beaded embroidery detail. A side slick boof’ed polished high pony tail and white boots top it off. Add the black fishnets with real No Doubt dance vibes and that the vibe. She truly hasn’t changed much. She still very cool and full of energy. You can tell she wants to do this right for Rodeo Houston. “I’ve been practicing for the last two years.” She was very excited to be here. She gave a shout-out to her husband, country music star Blake Shelton. “He’s the BEST. He’s home baby-sitting the kids right now.”

“Sunday Morning” is the second song she sings. “I thought I knew you Houston.” Big energy “ROOOOODEO HOUSTON!” “I practiced and am glad to be in Houston to slap you around” as she swings her hand playfully with a big red smile.

Beautiful beachy graphics appear in bright pink, aqua blue and clouds as she sings “Underneath It All.” Folks sway in the stands. Arms up as graphics go neon and bright reggae color tones over the palm trees.

“Thank you for having me here. This is insane. There are 70K outside. This song is about liars and I HATE liars.” Then “Bathwater” erupts.

“Houston this is my life because of you!” “It’s My Life” bangs with the heavy guitars led by a woman in white lace and pants with big feather touches. Another male rocker is also on stage.

“If I Was A Rich Girl” was next – “We come from all over the world. One Love – One God” Stefani screams.

“I hate this next song.” “Next Girlfriend” is the track.

Then she jams “Hella Good.” Black and white graphics including video emphasizing her eyes in signature black eye makeup. The crowd in on their feet to “keep on danciiiiiing.”

Then lights go out and the crowd is cheering as the lights dim to a deep purple. The first notes of “Don’t Speak” ignites screaming in the stadium. Lights come up in red roses framing the stage in crimson. Deep red flower petals of a wide variety, bloom as the stadium is bathed in phone lights to add to the red glow. The sax solo hits “No don’t speak… Don’t tell me cuz it hurts.” And so on…

Blue clouds in a vertical split with rolling green hills of a far away place frame over the stage brighten the energy. Multiple colors light up the energy for “Wind It Up.” The one must realize, this has to be the only woman who can ska-yodel her way through a track with so much style. A dozen dancers are on stage to join in the up beat.

“Just gonna keep bringing the hits for you guys. This is actually one of my favorite songs.” Lighting is a bright periwinkle monotone all around the arena for “I Know We’re Cool.” Peach neon… if that’s possible. For Stefani – anything is at this point. Moving video of her cozy in bed is the backdrop stage level backdrop.

“Luxurious” has the set lit in liquid gold. Feathers in black and white, and back to liquid gold. Then ruby.

“I feel like we’re a family. Me and You and we’re AT THEE RODEO.” “What You Waiting For” is the next track. An animated version in the Alice outfit (like in the video) is fast-moving in an animated city. Then she tells the crowd “take a chance you stupid __.”

“Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey!” is the next track. Violet and dark turquoise smoothly blend for her rich tone. Stefani brings back the Running Man in an adorable dance move, having big fun with her dancers.

It’s 10:21… as “Hey Baby…” continues. Then the break.

“Spiderweb” and black white graphics take over. She still has that No Doubt top rock and it’s the cutest thing is white boots you’ve ever seen. “Houston, it’s all your fault I’ve got to screen my phone calls.” She swings her arm through the air and much of the crowd does the same. “Look how beautiful that is.” – “OMG you’re so cute.” She mentioned No Doubt and reflects on her life in Anaheim, California where she’s she started her career with No Doubt.

“This song is more relevant now more than ever.” “Just A Girl” is the track. Zooming black and white checker, filtered with white noise, pink, green and SO many colors – gleam – “I’m some kind of freak” in true 2005 fashion. “Am I making myself clear?! I’m just a girl!” Then she screams.

She closes the show with “Holla Back Girl.” Yes, she curses “that’s my __ – OOOOOOOooo That’s my __… ” as gold graphics in a flare light up the stage.

“Thank you Houston. I love the Rodeo.” Waves and blows a red kiss to the crowd as she stands on the bed of a Ford that carts her off the opposite side of the stadium from where she entered. After the exit, it’s highly likely that she may have encountered fans. I say that because as the stadium was clearing, you could hear crowds screaming with excitement off in that direction. The sound of happiness ended the night.

3:30 p.m. — She had a sound check around 3 p.m. practicing “Luxurious” and the end of “Holla Back Girl” and some others you’ll have to wait and see. She’s casual chic, wearing a loose fitting white and black sweater and white pants. Long blond hair and her signature red lipstick. She has about a dozen dancers, all prepared to “Wind It Up.” That number is expected to have lots of energy – the cool kind only Stefani can deliver.

This evening, rodeo events begin at 6:45 p.m. at NRG Stadium near the South Loop at Kirby. If you’re headed that way, expect a lot of traffic in the area between the hours of 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., until a show starts.

Tickets are still available at around $90 for better seats. The lowest prices for tickets range around $25.

Most recently Stephanie recorded and a single with husband Blake Shelton.  she is featured on the track quote “Nobody But You.”

Shelton also featured Stefani’s voice on “Happy Anywhere,” also released by Shelton in 2020.  Both songs took to #1 on country airplay music charts.

Stefani is of course a music artist in her own right having again her music career in 1986 with the band No Doubt. Her biggest single that topped music charts back in 2006, accrued massive sales including 38 million streams, is “My Sweet Escape,” with Akon.

“Let Me Blow Your Mind” is her second biggest hit. That track featured Eve and peaked top music charts at number four. That was released back in 2001. Her third biggest single was “Hollaback Girl,” a solo hit reaching the number eight spot on top music charts. That was released back in 2005.

Tonight, her performance beings around 9 p.m. and is set to last one hour.