HOUSTON (KIAH) Have you ever watch the rodeo cowboys at Rodeo Houston and thought “I can do THAT?” It’s possible. Even here in Houston.

For about $400, you could learn to “ride’em cowboy.” Experts up in New Caney, Texas are teaching men and women how to ride Bare Back, Saddle Bronc, and good old fashioned bull riding.

First thing they do is test your skill and find out if you have the co-ordination to handle a rough ride. The speed alone is unpredictable and testing your speed to the max is the idea to get you on up safely and with know-how. This unique American and Texas tradition is an adventure that will have you bravely riding on top of rodeo’s biggest challenge. You just have to learn.

Just be sure that you learn from the pros and that the bull riding school program matches you with livestock suited to your age, athletic ability, energy, and ambitions, like “Rodeo Bull riding School, Houston” does.

There, they start you out with intensive training to help you learn all aspects of the sport. Including riding and dismount techniques to get you off the animal safely and familiarize you with the art of bull riding training equipment.

After all that, it’s time for you to climb aboard, and put you and your newly acquired skills to the test in an ultimate battle between Man and Bull. There’s no limit the number of times you can ride and all equipment is included if you go to the right school.