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HOUSTON (KIAH) Rodeo Houston welcomes Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin, 50, tonight.

He opened the show with “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” The star wore a long billowy shirt that blew around on-stage with short pants and boots – all dark. Followed by a couple of Spanish-language hits and a wardrobe change. His dancers wore sexy hosiery – fishnet and shape-fitting bottoms with bare midriffs. All in black. At one point, they added flamenco styled layering in bright pink and red shawls over a white billowed long sleeve blousing.

Martin’s first wardrobe change into a vest and black pants emphasizing his toned physique as he broke into “She Bangs.” He can dance. No question – he’s still got it!

Then a down tone with fabulous red lighting and deep sexy beats moving into “Shake Your Bon Bon” as he peeled into a shimmery muscle shirt and sexy dance moves with his group of hot dancers and playing cards theme.

Then lighting switched to blue with the star-shaped stage bathed in aqua striping as he sang his Grammy winning hit “Vuelve.” He is now wearing a suit coat in his third wardrobe change and thanks Houston for the support. “This is a special night I will never forget. A special night for our culture.” He felt the love. Promising to dance later. During the song, one point of the stage rose, lifting Martin. The song fades into a guitar melody and Martin departs the stage once again.

Could it be a fourth wardrobe change? The light dimes to a deep purple. Spotlight point to a solo dancer all in white for double act dance performance as all the dancers enter the stage. All are in white wardrobe. Lighting is red accompanied by up-tempo Latin beats.

Martin emerges all in white with another Latin hit “Pegate” joining the fast paced high-styled energy. Light glows in green and yellow strobe. He is high energy, having fun with party energy.

Next, he performs Spanish dance hit “Un, Dos Tres.” Female dancers wear a dance skirt. One in blue, shaking it up.

At one point, actually a few – he says “I caaaan’t hear you.” Jokingly claiming “I’m deaf tonight Houston.”

He slows down joining his dancers on the steps to start up “Vente Pa’ Ca (feat. Maluma – appearing in video graphic). dancers wearing black zip-up sleeveless bomber vests over the white pants. Female dancers are stripped down to thong style bathing suit looking bottoms over standard fishnets and tiny full coverage tops.

He wraps the show with that. “Thank you so much Houston. I love y’all.”

Encore? Yes, and encore. For that, you had to be there.

Then last time the entertainer performed in Houston was Friday November 5th of last year. he came with Enrique Iglesias.

Martin starred in TV commercials around age 9 and began his musical career and age 12 with the all Latin all boy-band group Menudo.

The singer was most popular as a solo act throughout the 1990s with hits such as Livin’ la Vida Loca  and Shake Your Bon-Bon. He also performed a duet with singer Christina Aguilera in the year 2000. He has also had many Spanish language hits.  

Martin began acting in 1990 as he continued to work in music. By the year 2021 he had received 8 Grammy Awards. The latest being for Latin pop Alabama that year. Overall he had one Grammy Award three times for Latin pop album. Grammy for a Pop Vocal Album and in 2000 he won male Pop Vocal Performance in 2001, the same award.

Rodeo Houston tickets for Martin’s performance are still available online ranging from $30 to more than $100.