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HOUSTON — They’re every day angels, but one Houston special education teacher went above and beyond during Hurricane Harvey.

Kristen McClintock, a special education teacher from Westside High School in Houston, is being celebrated this month by Honored, a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping great teachers in the classroom and inspiring a new generation of talent to pursue teaching, for stepping up when Hurricane Harvey hit and doing a job many people would have never thought of doing. Even more meaningful, one of her students who lost everything during Harvey, is the one who nominated her.

Kristen helped facilitate a group of over 1,000 teachers to volunteer in shelters as well as solicit donations of noise cancelling headphones for children with autism who might be overwhelmed by the events that took place. To this day, Kristen is still helping her students cope with the devastating impact the hurricane had on their families and homes.

CW39’s Maggie Flecknoe sat down with McClintock to talk about being recognized and how she continues to keep “Houston Strong”.