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HOUSTON — The Houston Symphony brings the man, the myth, the legend Bill Murray to Houston.

“New Worlds: Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends,” is at Jones Hall for one night only.

Vogler, a world-renowned cellist, joins Murray for an evening of music and literature.

“It’s a big deal, it’s very exciting to perform every night, there’s a certain moment about 10 or 15 minutes in where we just look at each other and go ‘now we kill em’ and then we do,” Murray says.

If you’re thinking the comedic musical stylings of “Stripes”…a little doo wah diddy… nope!  It definitely intends to be a night of classical music appreciation, and culture.

Murray isn’t a stranger to Houston.  He starred in “Rushmore,” filmed in the Bayou City back in 1998.

“It’s so much prettier than I remember it, it really is… many more things to see, many more places to eat.  I’ve got a hotel room with a window that opens, you know it’s nice, everything back then was just sealed glued shut air conditioning wise and you had to get by on just bourbon tastings and that’s how you got through the week,” Murray comments.

As Houston’s evolved and grown, so has Murray’s career, and tonight he’ll show one lucky crowd just how wide his list of talents can stretch.

“They don’t get what they’re expecting, is what I should say, no one sees it coming it starts a certain way and it ends a different way,” Murray said.