Houston Traffic – Winter vehicle preparedness


HOUSTON (CW39) It’s important to know how to drive in these winter road conditions, just incase you encounter any of them. Best advice for this morning is, just stay home. It will be safer that way, because get this!

Each year 24% of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement. 15% happen during snowfall or sleet. Now AAA sent out a warning this weekend… Just reminding drivers that ice and snow conditions on the road make traveling and stopping more challenging. AAA is also providing these tips to keep everybody safe.

Remember you want to prepare your vehicle for the winter weather.

Clear snow off your entire car – That includes your windshield, your roof could your truck, your lights, because it really going to increase your visibility. And then drivers around you won’t be blinded by that snow blowing off your vehicle. You’ve probably seen it on the expressway or cloud of snow just comes out of nowhere from the car in front of you.

Clean the inside and outside of your windshield – Do that about once a week if not more, just to make sure you can see. You also want to keep your windshield wipers fresh.

Maintain windshields and defrosters – A lot of people try to defrost just a little bit of wind chill just enough to see out of a little hole. No. Wait until your entire windshield is defrosted.

Keep your windshield wipers fresh – You may want to change out your windshield wipers are changed every 6 months just to be safe.



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