Houston’s Buffalo Soldier Museum Vandalized


Houston’s National Buffalo Soldiers Museum

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – The search is on for vandals that painted symbols and statements of hate onto The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum overnight.

The San Jacinto Street downtown building was “defaces with what appears to be swastika symbol” and the words “Sucks Democratic Party.”

It happened Tuesday, which is also National Buffalo Soldier Day. The day celebrates the contributions of African American men who fought and died for the U.S..

In a public statement issued via social media, the Museum reflected on the meaning of its history and included a quote from late Rep. John Lewis.

For 19 years we have educated the Houston, surrounding communities and the world with the stories of African American men and women who sacrifice their lives in defense of America- we have never dealt with such disrespect, hate and racism.

Buffalo Soldier National Museum, Facebook page

The Museum is also requesting support from the public to clean it up. You can show your support by giving to Cash app $BSNM1866.

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