HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s the holiday season, so it’s that time to start dealing with shipping gifts to your loved ones. But both UPS and the U.S. Postal Service have confidence that anything you want to send will get there on time.

UPS recommends you get your holiday shopping and shipping done promptly to avoid any delays. UPS says 95% of their packages are delivered on time. They expect more packages this year than last.

They also emphasize how important it is to be correct with spelling and numbers. The holidays are not the time to make mistakes that could delay delivery.

“You know it is something we’ve been watching since the inception of the pandemic. The global supply chain bottleneck has been a challenge for us all, but the good news is UPS is ready to deliver.”

Nakeya Shelton, President Enterprise Sales of UPS

USPS said they’ve been preparing for this holiday season since last year during the pandemic. In 2020, many people experienced delays with their packages. Some packages were taking three weeks to a month to ship.

USPS says this year things will be different. They have 112 new postal sorting machines and they are receiving new ones every week. The postal service is also hiring for this holiday season.