HOUSTON – Due to shortages of baby formula, Harris County Attorney’s Office is providing a resource for price gouging.

Due to shortages, the Harris County Attorney’s Office is providing a phone number to text directly, to report price gouging. Anyone could also send an email ConsumerHelp@cao.hctx.net.

Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo is speaking out about the shortage of baby formula in Texas.

Taking advantage of the baby formula shortage to fear monger about refugees has tragically become business as usual in Texas. ‘Feeding them or us’ is a false choice, every child in this country deserves nutrition and no one should posture around depriving babies of necessities.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo

Most recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to increase supplies, cleared baby formula production site, Abbott Laboratories, a company that produces baby formula, to reopen its manufacturing facility in Michigan. Production was shut down earlier this year due to recalls.

The Biden administration is working on alleviating shortages of baby formula around the country by allowing imports of the product.