HOUSTON (KIAH) — What was thought to be a robbery leads to a suspect being shot by Houston police officers.

It happened Wednesday night in the 6400 block of Heath Street in northeast Houston. 

When officers arrived at the location, a female told authorities that she and her boyfriend were having an argument in her car after picking up their kids. 

Then the boyfriend pulled out a pistol and pointed it at her small two kids.

Police said the woman then stopped the car and was able to let the kids out of the car and called police.

While officers were taking the woman’s information, the suspect drove by the house, but then spun the car around after seeing the officers, police said.

Another officer in his cruiser spotted the suspect going northbound on Cheeves Road and tried to catch up with him, while another cruiser was heading southbound, police said.

The suspect and the officer going southbound ended up in a head-on collision, and that’s when the suspect got out of the car and fled on foot with the gun still on him, police said.

Officers then began firing at the suspect, hitting him multiple times. Police said that the suspect was using the gun in a threatening manner. The suspect was still fighting with officers, police said.

After the shooting, officers began life saving measures on the suspect, and he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

No police officers were injured during the ordeal. An investigation is underway.