SPRING, Texas (KIAH) — Elizabeth Cleaver, known by many as Mrs. C, may be best known by the nickname that decades of work earned her.

Around this time of year, The Mum Queen works tirelessly creating homecoming mums and garters for high schoolers in north Houston and beyond.

“I love every moment of creating a mum or garter from the visualization while speaking with a client, to the creation and carefully choosing each piece to make it uniquely special for that one person who will cherish it along with the memories of their very special Homecoming,” her website reads.

For more than 30 years, Mrs. C has turned an incredible variety of ribbons, baubles, and other decorations into wearable works of art to the delight of thousands of teenagers.

She’s now sharing her experiences with hundreds of other mum-makers who will carry on the Texas homecoming tradition long after she hangs up her scissors and glue gun.

In recent years, Cleaver has become aware of internet scams — people promising high-quality mums and garters but failing to deliver them.

She warns people to do their research before buying, so this special time each fall doesn’t start off on a sour note.

“Creating Homecoming mums and garters is my way of helping you save a special memory for a lifetime,” her website says.