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6/18/2020 UPDATE: HFD is releasing new video of four men with five gallon gas cans who poured gasoline in the establishment before the place exploded. The FBI is now involved in working to bring these men to justice. Authorities believe they may have suffered burns from the scene.

Here’s a look at photos HFD is using to ask for the public’s help in identifying the men involved:

The Houston Fire Department released this official statement today:

6/12/2020 – HOUSTON- An investigation is underway after an explosion happened at Bar 5015 in the Museum District around 4:45 Friday morning. The bar is located in the 5100 block of Almeda near Southmore Boulevard.

The bar was closed when the explosion happened and no injuries have been reported. People who live in the area said the explosion could be felt blocks away.

A man who lives a few streets over from the bar shared this video from his security camera with us.

The explosion left debris scattered all over the street as well as damage to homes and businesses in the area. Two men we spoke to that live near the bar said their windows were shattered, pictures fell off their wall and parts of the bar’s patio ended up in their backyard.

The Houston Fire Department along with ATF Houston, the Houston Police Department and FBI Houston are investigating. So far, they do not know what caused the explosion. Traffic will be impacted in the area for several hours.