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MANVEL, Texas – JJ Watt put a huge smile on the face of one Manvel boy…even after the boy’s really rough week.

Six-year-old Cooper Davis broke his leg in a trampoline accident on Monday.

“I felt a snap, and I heard it, but they didn’t,” Cooper recalled.

The doctor confirmed Cooper had a Tibial Plateau fracture.  That’s the same injury suffered by Houston’s hero – the one and only JJ Watt.

“He woke up and he’s like ‘hey can I have my jersey?’ He put it on , and he goes, ‘hey mom, I’m JJ.’ I decided hey, I’m going to tweet this out to him and let him know hey there’s a little boy out here that’s got an injury like you and … he thinks it’s kinda cool ya know to be like his idol,” his mother, Judith, said.

And being the stand-up guy he is, Watt responded:


“He cries because he wants to get up and run, he wants to get up and play. I didn’t even say anything about him playing Xbox, he just noticed that Xbox remote was in his hand and he knows that’s how kids connect. For him to take those few seconds of his time to do that for my son is a blessing,” Judith explained.

“It made me happy. At first I didn’t think it was real, but now I do,” Cooper said with a huge smile on his face.

The two went head to head, in a sports game of course, and it was close, but …

“At the last part, I won, because he was going for the ball, and then I was, I was using the speed boost,” explained Cooper. Yeah, that speed boost will get ‘em every time.

Good ol’ number 99. Here’s hoping both Cooper and JJ recover quickly. But mom, if these two end up hanging out in real life, please, just promise us one thing.  Keep JJ away from the trampoline. Please.