HOUSTON (KIAH) — Just like several school districts in the area and across the country, Katy ISD is dealing with staff shortages amid a surge in COVID-19 cases.

In a letter to parents and staff, KISD superintendent Ken Gregorski said that the district has been hit hard by illnesses, with 200 staffers out sick and another 250 vacancies that have yet to be filled.

That means the district is dealing with shortages among bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians and other essential staff at their schools.

“In result, our teams have made minor adjustments to bus service, menu options, and campus maintenance schedules when needed,” Gregorski said. “And, yes we are experiencing shortages among our teaching personnel, though, we continue to mitigate this matter to ensure the quality of instruction for our students remains uncompromised.”

Gregorski and the district has moved to Stage 3 modified operations, which encourages – not mandating – mask wearing by students and staff, no lunch visitors and more virtual parent-teacher conferences.

As of Thursday morning, Katy ISD reported 1,476 COVID-19 cases, with 928 of them being students (1% of the total student population) and 548 staff cases (3.7% of the total workforce).

Katy ISD faces the same problems Fort Bend ISD has, when it announced that its buses would be running late on Wednesday due to staffing shortages.