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KINGWOOD, Texas — For many Kingwood residents like Raelene Chastain, Flash Flooding Watches bring back horrifying memories from Hurricane Harvey.

Her family’s one-story home flooded with nearly seven feet of water.

“Every time it rains, I’m panicked. Absolutely. I’m afraid. We lost literally everything when they released the flood gates. We had to be rescued on a big truck,” Chastain said.

After being displaced for six months and spending nearly $250,000 in repairs, the Chastain family is finally back in their home.

“I fear that after all this work and months of getting this back – getting our house back and our home back and our lives back – we’ve been fighting the city. They want us to elevate or tear down and, you know, you can’t afford to do any of that,” Chastain said.

“It’s like we mourned for the first three months because we lost everything. It’s not the house or the furniture, it’s the pictures and the things your parents left behind for you,” she said.

The California natives moved to the Houston area six years ago and thought they had found their forever home in Kingwood.

“We never expected this at all. We were prepared for a hurricane. We bought groceries and a generator and we have a gas stove. We were prepared to live without power for weeks, but we were not prepared to lose everything. How could you?” Chastain said.  “After all this work— if we flood again, that would be devastating.”

What happens next for Chastain and her family is still up in the air.

All they can do is hope the storm passes and leaves their freshly-renovated home untouched.