Kroger makes massive clothing donation to Houston Food Bank

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HOUSTON - A lot of families who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey still need help to recover. While many organizations are helping with the obvious needs like food and shelter, there's another important need that isn't as easy to see: clothes. On Wednesday, grocery giant Kroger stepped up to address the issue.

Kroger donated 112,873 pieces of clothing, including 8,157 new pairs of shoes worth a total of $2.5 million to the Houston Food Bank. "As people are continuing to rebuild their lives they need clothing as well," said Kroger Vice President of Merchandising Rachel Ross. "To be able to have brand new clothing shipped here and being able to to distribute with our great partnership with the Houston Food Bank is awesome."

The food bank plans on distributing the clothes through partnerships with other local charities over the coming weeks. The massive donation will make a big impact on the lives of those who need help after the hurricane. "This last Sunday I didn't have clothes to go to church and I'm a very faithful person," said Linda Villanueva. "I couldn't make it because I've already worn the same two or three dresses for several weeks and I don't know what to do anymore."

It may seem weird for Kroger to donate clothing items to a food bank, but it's not as strange as it may seem. "Years ago the Feeding America Food Banks learned that people who are struggling with hunger, it's not just because food is the only issue, it's all the other expenses put together," said Houston Food Bank President Brian Greene. "So when we can save them money on any other household items or the charities that serve them we try and do that."


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