HOUSTON (KIAH) — In an alert, the Houston Humane Society said that law enforcement rescued 22 dogs inside a Harris County home after finding the owner deceased on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Many of the dogs had flea infestations, old untreated wounds, overgrown nails and bacterial skin infections. According to law enforcement, they believe that the owner was deceased for two weeks due to the smell of decay in the home.

The animals were taken to the Houston Humane Society where they were treated by medical staff and received treatment for their injuries. The Houston Humane Society is providing shelter to all of the dogs as they continue to recover from the injuries. The dogs will be available for adoption after recovery.

To learn more about the programs and services offered through the Houston Humane Society, visit www.Houstonhumane.org. You can donate to help support the care and recovery of the rescued dogs here.