HOUSTON (KIAH) When a fire erupted at a petroleum plant in Texas City on Monday, two workers were left badly hurt.

A third worker, 55 year old machinist Scott Higgins, died.

On Friday, the Buzbee Law Firm will hold a press conference where members of Higgins’ family will make statements.

Some of the firm’s attorneys will also, “discuss pertinent details surrounding the death of Marathon Machinist Scott Higgins and the next steps,” an email announcing the press conference said.

Marathon’s corporate website has no mention of the May 15 fire, but the company did release a brief statement.

“The safety of our workers and the community is our top priority,” the statement read. “And a full investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the incident.”

The Associated Press reports that the same plant was the site of one of the country’s worst refinery fires.

In 2005, when BP owned the plant, a fire killed 15 people and hurt 180 others.

Marathon Petroleum bought the refinery in 2013.

The Monday fire came ten days after another fire at the Shell refinery up Galveston Bay in Deer Park.

Nine workers got hurt, and some of them — along with nearby residents concerned about their potential exposure to toxic chemicals — are suing Shell.