National focus on Texas as COVID-19 cases surge in Houston


BREAKING – The Mayor of Houston is reporting 879 new cases of COVID-19. 18,056 total in Houston. 8 new deaths. Totaling 216 locally. It’s 3 times higher than when it started going from 3% to 11%. More young people are being infected. Hospital admissions are dramatically increasing more than it’s ever been.

Our local rate jumped from 3% to 11% in Houston.

City Officials

The Mayor says the local PRIDE march is being canceled. The board decided on their own without mandate. However, they are having a press event to announce their statement.

Our local emergency departments are seeing a huge increase by 150% in firefighters testing positive for COVID-19. increase 180 q 115 + Firefighters are affected by COVID-19.

The resurgence is very intense, very scary and has exceeded our initial peak in a very dramatic way.

Dr. Peter Hotezz, Baylor College of Medicine

When asked to share his thoughts on the models presented by the White House Task Force, Dr. Peter Hotezz of the Baylor College of Medicine responded with disappointment.

We are seeing a massive resurgence in major metropolitan areas. They (White House Task Force) used the term ‘hotspots.’ These aren’t hotspots. These are the largest cities in the United States. This is Phoenix, Los Angeles. It’s Houston and Dallas.

My issue with the White House Task Force is that they’re disorganized and often uninformative because they don’t present the date in a way that’s easily understood or interpreted. They don’t provide an overview. So I always come away from those White House Task Force briefings left quite unsatisfied. It was the same today. So it’s really hard. They were unable to articulate why what’s happening is happening in the American southwestern metro areas. They were unable to articulate where they think this is heading. They were unable to identify any predictive models of what they can expect. And they were unable to articulate any hand that they have other than saying they “will help and support local health authorities when they can. So it was very hard to come away with anything tangible.

Houston Police officials also reported an increase in numbers in their local department. On May 29, 147 police officers tested positive. Today 205 tested positive. 75 of which have returned to work. Also 158 police employees are currently quarantined. 130 tested positive. So far 2,316 have been tested.

Test sites are expected to increase as the City of Houston works even more intricately with local health departments.

Clubs and bars were told to close today at noon. Pools and basketball courts remain closed. Restaurants will be able to have 50% occupancy. A mask is still required to enter and However, anyone in non-compliance will be posted on the “Wall of Shame” will be posted on the city’s social media and website.

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