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HOUSTON- Megan Eddings and her team at Accel Lifestyle specialize in making luxe workout gear, but their focus shifted when they heard about the shortage of protective masks for healthcare workers.

“It kind of dawned on my team and I that we have all this fabric here locally in Houston and we should start turning it into masks. So within 24 hours, we had a prototype, a pattern, at that time, we had 25 sewers lined up and we started making masks,” explained Eddings.

Since then, they’ve ramped up their efforts. Before, it was just Megan and one full time employee. Now, she’s employing 85 people, many of them sewing from masks from their homes. Some masks are also being cut by laser technology at TX/RX Labs.

“We have four local tailor/ seamstresses in town and they disperse the fabric to all their sewers in their homes so everyone is really staying safe and not leaving the house. We are sewing about 9,000 masks per day right now. We’ve already shipped 18,000 masks and our online orders have been at least two thousand a day,” said Eddings.

The masks are not N95 rated. They are made of a fabric specifically designed by Accel to be anti-bacterial. The masks are already in use at several local hospitals.

“Our masks are not N95 rated, I always put that disclaimer out there, but they are actually a double layer of protection, they are really soft and even after 100 washes they are anti-bacteria. The COVID-19 team at Houston Methodist started using our masks about a week ago, the emergency department doctors at Memorial Hermann are currently using our masks and Texas Chidren’s and MD Anderson infection control team is analyzing our masks right now,” explained Eddings.

Their tireless efforts are yet another example of how our community comes together when help is needed.

“We just said, ‘We want to help. We need to help.’ We have the local supply chain, we have the special fabric and the most important thing to do is to give back whenever we can,” explained Eddings.

The masks can be purchased online at On the site you can also read more about the special type of fabric they are using. If you work for a hospital, you can email to contact Megan about pricing.