HOUSTON (KIAH) — Belen Bailey calls her bakery the sweetest place in Houston.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Bailey has brought a piece of home to Houston by introducing the city-to-treats from South America.

She says the community’s support is the reason her bakery is still here.

“We’re still struggling, all the prices of the main ingredients are high right now,” said Bailey. 

Homebase, a company that helps small businesses manage their expenses surveyed employees to find out what employers need to focus on.

“Company leadership was the number one variable, who people are working with was number three, all of these aspects of flexibility were important just as important as the pay was,” said John Waldman, CEO of Homebase.

Bailey says the biggest issue she’s had is paying her staff the pay they deserve, “I have a group of strong females that work, I want them to be happy. I pay them and then I pay myself,” added Bailey.