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HOUSTON (CW39) Dinah Powers was a co-host on the Rod Ryan Show at 94.5 the Buzz. She died after a battle with Stage 4 uterine cancer.

Thursday afternoon, The Rod Ryan Show announced her passing in a social media post.

Back in September, a GoFundMe account was created to help pay the cost of her treatment. The Rod Ryan Show helped her reach that goal and $150,000 was raised for the locally beloved Powers.

In the Go Fund Me campaign, the article read, in part:

Our hearts go out the Rod Ryan Show, a close group of talent at the Houston iHeart station.

Dinah Powers…the one and only Dinah Powers!
She may be the most independent and strong willed person that we all know and love.  As many of you know, she left the Rod Ryan Show last year to pursue her passion to become a counselor to help others. 

Unfortunately, now Dinah needs our help.  She was recently diagnosed with Stage IV uterine cancer, which has aggressively spread into her lungs.   Dinah was hospitalized for over a month, and although recently released, she is still fighting for her life.   She will begin outpatient chemotherapy in late September (each chemo treatment will cost approximately $20,000.00), and she will need at least six treatments.  Unfortunately, insurance is not going to cover those costs.  Dinah needs to focus on getting better, and avoid the stress of wondering how to pay for her treatments.  She is motivated to beat cancer, but needs our help!!  Lets help make this happen for her.

Dinah “has the” Powers, Go Fund Me

Today, the radio station is hosting their morning show to honor her life.