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HOUSTON – Ever since Texas Senate Bill SB4 was signed into law last May, the bill has been a lightning rod for controversy, and on Friday, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) were throwing verbal thunder bolts in Houston.

“This legislation has consequences, and they’re not good,” LULAC member Johnny Mata declared.

“All Latinos will be subject to being asked for their papers,” LULAC Council President Augustin Pinedo suggested.

“The things that are being done against Hispanic families is something that’s very hurtful- not only to the families but to the economy of the state of Texas for all the immigrants and undocumented persons that have worked very hard,” LULAC’s Texas State Director Lupe Torres announced.

Some say SB4 is anti-immigrant and even anti-law enforcement since the bill basically cuts off funding to cities and law enforcement agencies that attempt to provide sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants instead of turning them over to federal ICE agents.

WATCH: LULAC officials hold press conference Friday

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“Ten thousand new officers, immigrant ICE people, are gonna hit the streets to round up immigrants,” Mata warned. “So, we have a very serious country, that not only effects Latinos but other nationalities.”

With LULAC filing a federal lawsuit to stop SB4 from taking effect on Sept. 1, the battle lines with the state have been drawn.

“We have as much right to be in this country as anybody else,” Torres said. “We are a country of diversity. We are a country of immigrants, and we will continue to fight for all the issues that confront and impact our Hispanic communities.”

But supporters of SB4 say cities and law enforcement should follow state and federal laws– and not selectively choose which rules and regulations to follow…..and which to overlook.

So, it appears this fight is headed for more stormy times ahead!