Man charged after shooting at family-friendly dance in north Houston


One person was shot and six others were injured

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HOUSTON- According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, 25-year-old Jose Manuel Guerrero-Reyes has been arrested and charged in connection to the shooting Sunday evening at Mercado Sabadomingo that injured seven people. The shooting happened while a family-friendly dance was going on. Guerrero-Reyes is charged with one count of aggravated assault, which is a felony.

Authorities responded to Mercado Sabadomingo in the 8700 block of Airline Drive around 7 p.m. Sunday evening after getting a report of a person seeing a gun and then hearing a gunshot.

Authorities say one person was shot in the leg and that it was a through and through wound. At this point, they believe that bullet may have ricocheted around and that is how the other six people were injured. All seven people are expected recover from their injuries.

Sheriff Gonzalez says he feels it was lucky that more people were not injured. He says there were hundreds of people at the dance and that it is a very busy place on Sunday evenings.

Authorities say Guerrero-Reyes still had the pistol on him and did not resist when they approached him, however, they say his story did not add up.

“He says apparently he had the gun in his pocket, but right now that doesn’t seem to match with the evidence we have. We don’t know who he may have been aiming to. There appears to be no connection to initial male that was more seriously wounded," explained Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Sheriff Gonzalez says this all happened when there were about ten peace officers and fifteen uniformed security guards at the dance. There were surveillance cameras inside the market that they were able to review as part of the investigation.

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