PASADENA, Texas (KIAH) — Pasadena police released a dashcam video of a man shot and killed by officers on the Spencer Highway Tuesday morning.

The video shows an officer yelling out several times for the man to drop his weapon. The man turns around and appears to point a gun at police. That’s when the gunshots start.

One officer fired from inside the vehicle, which the video shows the bullet hole in the windshield. Another officer fired from outside. 

Police said no officers were injured. They said the suspect had a gun in his hand, but it’s unclear if he ever fired it.

Pasadena police chief Josh Bruegger said that officers received a call of a man walking down the street with a handgun. Officers spotted the suspect, who hasn’t been identified as of yet, and gave him instructions to drop his weapon.

“The subject walked into the middle of the roadway and walked back toward the officers who were following him in their vehicle,” Bruegger said. “Both officers discharged their weapons and struck the suspect, who was pronounced deceased in the roadway.”

The officers involved have been with Pasadena police from four to seven years, Bruegger said. Both were assigned to the traffic unit.

The officers will now take administrative leave from duty for five days as the investigation continues, Bruegger said.

“They’re both shaken up,” Bruegger said about the officers. “I say this every time, but it’s traumatic to take another life, no matter the circumstance.”