Man caught beating 7-year-old on hidden camera has lengthy criminal history, including assault

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Bail has been denied for a man caught on Harris County Constable’s Office surveillance cameras Thursday night beating a 7-year-old boy with his belt and hands. The suspect has a history of criminal offenses, ranging from burglary to domestic violence, according to court records.

Kordarell Demond Williams, 27, is charged with injury to a child. Investigators said the child is not Williams’ son.

Officers placed cameras at a secluded side street to catch illegal dumping in northwest Houston, authorities said. Investigators said an off-duty officer was monitoring the feed from home when around 5 p.m., Williams’ vehicle pulled up to the area.

The video, which deputies said was shot a few miles away from Williams’ apartment, shows the man with his hand on the child’s shoulder and talking to him at eye level. Williams then pulls out a belt, throws his arm up over his own head and then proceeds to whip the child.

Officers said he struck the boy on the head, shoulders, torso, legs and buttocks at least 62 times within 5 minutes. Williams is seen holding the child by the hand as the boys swings around him. The office released only a small portion of the video because of its graphic nature, but the constable’s office said some of the harder blows knocked the child to the ground.

[WARNING: The following video contains material that some may find graphic or inappropriate for young viewers.]

Authorities were able to find Williams within three hours of seeing the footage. He was arrested Thursday night, and the boy was taken to the hospital under the guardianship of Child Protective Services. Investigators said doctors found several bruises on the child.

Williams has also been arrested for evading arrest, theft exceeding $15,000 in value, burglary of a habitation and several misdemeanor charges in the past.

One incidence illustrated other violent tendencies.

In December 2011, investigators said Williams went to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to talk about their relationship. The two got into an argument and officers said he became violent, grabbing the woman near the neck and then forcing her backwards onto the dining room table.

Officers said he also broke the legs off an end table, ripped the cushions from a chair with his bare hands and punched a hole into the living room wall.

Williams received a restraining order instructing him to stay away from the ex-girlfriend in February 2012.

“I’m proud and relieved that quick action by our deputies led to the arrest and to medical care for the child, and that justice will be done,” Constable Alan Rosen said. “As a law enforcement leader, a parent and a lifelong member of this community, I’m deeply concerned and upset by such an incident.”

The constable’s office has 25 self-activating cameras hidden throughout the city where illegal dumping has taken place, officials said. The surveillance has led to dozens of charges against dumpers, the constable’s office said.

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