HPD: Married woman accused of selling teen family member to boyfriend she was cheating with

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HOUSTON — A woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after investigators said the woman paid a 15-year-old family member to have sex with her boyfriend, whom she was cheating with while her husband was out of town. The woman then schemed the teen out of her full pay the next morning, court documents said.

Isabel Marie Robinson, 41, and Judd Thomas Denley, 37, were taken into custody on June 5 following the alleged sexual assault that happened in late March. During the investigation, police said Robinson and Denley referred to the 15-year-old as the boyfriend’s “special treat.”

According to court documents, the victim went to Robinson and asked for money. In response, Robinson allegedly told the girl that she had no money, but would cut the teen a deal for a special favor.

When the victim arrived home from Texas City High School on March 22, Robinson allegedly gave the victim MD “Mad Dog” 20/20, an alcoholic drink, and marijuana. The victim said she became extremely high and drunk— to point where she couldn’t walk and started to vomit.

When Denley arrived at the family’s apartment, the teen said she was too intoxicated to have sex, but he forced himself on her anyway. The teen told investigators Denley undressed her, then proceeded with the sexual assault.

Court documents said Denley assaulted the teen three times that night. During two of the alleged assaults, Robinson is accused of recording the explicit acts on her cell phone.

Throughout the night, investigators said the suspect kept the victim drunk. At one point, Denley forced the teen to drink a concoction he made, which the victim said made her feel worse. Police said the victim was awake during the assault, but could not move her body and felt paralyzed, according to court documents.

Investigators said the victim tried to refuse Denley’s advances, but he persisted.

The following morning, officers said Robinson paid the girl but short changed her. Robinson allegedly gave the teen only $150 instead of the $200 the teen had been promised, claiming $40 had been taken out to pay for the drugs and alcohol the victim consumed the night before.

The teen didn’t return to school for the remainder of the week. She came back the following Monday and confided to a friend what happened to her, police said. The girl was encouraged to take Robinson’s cell phone as proof, and on March 29, police said the teen turned over the device to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

HPD was then forwarded the case.

Investigators spoke with Robinson, who reportedly told them she and Denley had “a very active sex life that involved multiple partners both men and women.” The police department said Robinson also told officers she had a talk with the victim about having sex with her boyfriend, but was “a little apprehensive about doing it.”

Robinson claimed Denley made her record the sexual assaults so he could use the material to blackmail her in the event the woman tried to end the affair, police said. The suspect said Denley also threatened to tell her husband about their relationship, court documents said.

Both suspects are now facing a list of charges including aggravated sexual assault, trafficking of persons, compelling prostitution of a minor and promotion of child pornography. Investigators said the couple had been having an extramarital affair for about four years and were formerly employed at Minute Maid Park through the company Aramark.

Robinson and Denley are each being held on a $30,000 bond.

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