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HOUSTON- A massive water main break on Thursday in east Houston lead to a flooded freeway, hundreds of businesses being forced to shut down and a boil water notice.

Friday morning, Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted out an update saying the water pressure readings at midnight and at 5:00 a.m. were stable. He says they’re working with TCEQ to approve a sampling plan to stop boiling water.

Most of the city is impacted by the boil water notice. Visit to see a map of the effected area.

While the boil water notice is in effect, you should be using boiled or bottled water to make your coffee, cook and brush your teeth. Harris County Public Health recommends bringing tap water to a rolling boil for one to two minutes before letting it cool and storing it in clean containers.

The water main break made the 610 East Loop at Clinton Street completely impassible on Thursday. Authorities say about a dozen cars were stuck in the water and three people had to be rescued from their cars.

“We had a private contractor that was doing some repair work on the line that is in question and just before they got to major portion where it was a gradual leak that was occurring in this 96 inch pipeline– just before they got to it, the main line burst,” explained Mayor Turner.

No homes were damaged and no one was hurt. Mayor Turner said the break is a reminder of the city’s aging infrastructure.

Bottled water is in high demand. Lots of grocery stores ran out yesterday. H-E-B released a statement Friday morning saying, “As of last night, we have received 40 trailers of water and expect more today. We will continue to work to supply our stores in the city limits until the boil ban is lifted.they are getting more shipments and restocking their shelves as soon as they can.”