HOUSTON (KIAH) — A Houston tradition returns this year after a two hear hiatus. If you enjoy Star Wars, you’ll definitely want to check 10th annual May the 4th Art Festival, based on Star Wars. It’s an event for the entire family. led by artist Dandee Warhol, creator of War’Hous.

The festival is back after two years in hiatus. And new this year, a “children’s alley” for young artists to take part in the joy of creating art.


The event is foremost in search of artists creating works of art based on the iconic film. Works can be based on any character or idea within the theme, to be chosen and displayed at the event.


Make something original you’d like to present to new buyers or just meet new entrepreneurs like yourself? The event is also in search of vendors for the annual event. Craft makers and artisans should apply!


If you want to show your support as a sponsor, you too are invited to participate in the widely popular Houston event.


Have a food truck? GREAT! Houstonians are always looking to try new food. The event is also looking for food trucks of all kinds to take part and feed goers on site.


The event is also in need of volunteers so if you want to help out behind the scenes, this could be a great opportunity to join fans for fun, networking, and helping out at the popular community event.

Interested? APPLY NOW!