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CUBA — Something you never thought you’d see, Houston’s mayor is headed to Cuba!

After Obama restored diplomatic ties with the  communist country last year, there are now direct flights from Houston to Cuba.

Mayor Turner, expressed the importance of this trip in saying : “We can’t say that Houston is a world-class city, unless we are reaching out and establishing international relationships.’

In 2014, Cuba imported nearly two billion dollars in agricultural products. And now with the U.S. market opened up, it could be even bigger.

Turner’s trade mission will last three days, and could be good news not just for the U.S. economy, but for the Texas economy as well.

Its estimated shipments between the Lone Star state and Cuba, will increase to nearly nineteen million dollars.

As a Gulf of Mexico neighbor, it’s easy to see how the port of Houston would benefit from trade agreements.

And hey, a surplus of Cuban cigars in H-town wouldn’t be too bad either.