HOUSTON (KIAH) — Mayor Sylvester Turner fired back at Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont after Lamont called Houston “butt ugly” on a talk show earlier this week.

Connecticut’s governor took a shot at the city following the NCAA Men’s Final Four, which was in Houston.

Gov. Ned Lamont, who traveled to Houston and was on hand Monday night to watch the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team win its fifth national championship, talked about his visit earlier this week on WPLR-FM’s Chaz and AJ show.

“After winning the semifinals, you walk around downtown Houston, which is butt ugly,” the Democratic governor said. “Not much there.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, also a Democrat, responded that he did not appreciate the governor “throwing shade” at his city after it went to the trouble to “feed you, dine you, host you, house you.”

Lamont made an apology of sorts on Thursday after being asked about his comments during an unrelated news event.

“We had a ball in Houston during the NCAA Final Four,” Lamont said. “The people there were incredibly gracious and welcoming for us, and the basketball game was pretty darn good as well.”

Lamont also emphasized that he was joking around on the radio show and said he enjoyed Turner’s response to his comments.

Later Thursday, Lamont and Turner spoke over the phone and Lamont apologized, Turner tweeted. Turner said he accepted the apology and again congratulated UConn for its championship.