Mayor Turner calls for in person Texas GOP convention to be canceled


7/7/2020 7PM – The Texas GOP is responding to Mayor’s concerns about the Texas GOP Convention to be held in Houston next week. Here’s a look at that video just posted online:

7/6/2020 10AM – HOUSTON- Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is calling on this year’s in person Texas GOP convention to be canceled in light of COVID-19 concerns. The convention is set to take place July 16-18 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, however, Turner says he does not think that is a wise decision.

“I believe canceling the in person convention is the responsible action to take while we are in a critical moment in our battle against the COVID pandemic,” said Turner.

Turner said he is going to send a letter to the State Republican Executive Committee with conditions they must follow in order to hold the convention and is urging them to hold the event virtually instead.

Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee is also calling for the event to be held virtually. In a letter she sent to Governor Greg Abbott she wrote “Any large grouping of 5,000 plus people will put in jeopardy our essential workers, hotel personnel, and of course our first responders.  This would not be a responsible action at this time.”


RPT Chairman James Dickey Responds to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Comments on Texas GOP State Convention

The chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, James Dickey, responded to Mayor Turner’s comments saying that they have been proactive in implementing safety measures and plan to proceed with the convention as planned.

Dickey says the safety measures they plan to have in place include taking everyone’s temperature at the door, limiting entryways, expanding floor plans to accommodate for social distancing and having masks available for all attendees.

“With these precautions currently in place, the Republican Party of Texas intends to proceed with an in-person convention next week in Houston,” said Dickey.

His full statement can be read here.


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