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HOUSTON — After cries for justice and transparency, Metro Police have released video of a violent take-down!

In the video from an incident earlier this month, Officer Jairus Warren is seen striking the victim, Darrell Giles, repeatedly with his police-issued baton. Investigators said it all happened while Officer D. Reynoso was also on the scene, assisting in the arrest of Giles.

Earlier in that same day, Warren had confronted Giles at the rail platform — and the homeless man appeared to cooperate. However, Metro Police Chief Vera Bumpers claimed Giles had been difficult and uncooperative with officers.

Still, Bumpers said no officer should use excessive force in such instances.

The Metro review board seems to agree. “The review board did sustain all the allegations that Officer Warren did use excessive force in dealing with Mr. Giles, so they recommended termination,” Chief Bumpers declared.

But Officer Warren resigned this morning, saying in his resignation letter, “it has been a great pleasure and honor to serve.”

“Officer Reynoso, there was no wrongdoing found on his part, and therefore he will return to active duty,” Bumpers reported. But because he was present, he will have to go through additional training.

With the video release and this outcome, Metro just hopes they can put this ugly chapter behind them.

“I want to reiterate as I did last week, that this incident is not a reflection of the men and women who work at Metro Police,” the chief suggested.

That’s exactly what the community hopes, too!