Meyerland woman spent $5,000 on flood-proofing home, flooded third time in two years

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HOUSTON– It’s been an emotional two years for Kristin Massey and her family after their Meyerland home flooded for the third time after Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s very frustrating knowing that I bought and paid for a home that I was supposed to stay in for a long time, and now I can’t even live there or go back to it,” Massey said.

“So where do you go ? Where else is there to even go that doesn’t flood?” Massey said.

After paying more than $130,000 in repairs from the Memorial Day and Tax Day floods, Massey forked out nearly $5,000 to flood-proof her house days before the storm hit. But it still wasn’t enough.

“The barriers worked for about 11 inches and then after that it did not work. We got 4.5 feet in our house. Within 20 minutes, the whole house was getting it from all angles,” Massey said.

Massey and her family are now living with relatives in League City until further notice.

Her son has had to enroll in the school district there, although Massey and her husband specifically bought a house in the Myerland area so they could send their son to school there.

Her options to rebuild, tear down and move, or sell her home entirely would all cost her at least $300,000 or more.

“There are no good options. I’m living day to day. It’s really sad and a little frustrating. It’s not the life I envisioned,” Massey said.

She’s even considering some even more drastic changes.

“I feel like this city is in a lot of trouble long-term if they don’t fix it. I’m a native Houstonian and I love this city. I never wanted to move, I have a great job and my family is here but if Houston can’t support the people that inhabit it, I can’t put my son through this or my family. It just doesn’t make sense,” Massey said.


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