HOUSTON (KIAH) It’s been almost a month since Felicia Johnson disappeared. Her father, Kevin Johnson, says Felicia could light up any room she walked in—a trait she gets from her grandmother.

It’s like a piece of me is missing, a piece of my heart is gone, a piece of my soul is gone, one of my seeds, one of my children has vanished, and people don’t just vanish like that.

Kevin Johnson

Felicia came to Houston to visit and potentially land a job at cover girl’s nightclub, the last place she was seen. Twelve hours after her disappearance, Kevin got on a plane to Houston to find his daughter.
The family tracked Felicia’s phone with a friend’s help. They found it at Bear Creek Pioneers Park and reported her missing immediately to the Houston Police Department.

Kevin says that since her disappearance, he has not heard any updates from HPD. “We did a whole week of investigating as a family ourselves,” said Johnson. He wants his daughter found and wants authorities and the community not to give up. “Maybe my daughter’s case is getting so much attention because I am not giving up; they messed with the wrong kid and the wrong dad,” he added.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5000 reward for info that could help lead to Felicia Johnson.