Houston (KIAH) – Welcome to Moody Gardens! Two new Macaroni penguin chicks are now a part of the exhibit. The first chick hatched on November 6th and weighed 62 grams. The second hatched on November 9th and weighed 124 grams.

The proud penguin parents are Bleu, a male who came to Moody Gardens from Montreal, and Feta, who arrived at Moody Gardens in 2016 from SeaWorld San Diego.

Macaroni penguins, which are native to the Sub-Antarctic region of the world, are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, and colonies are decreasing in the wild due to factors such as climate change and overfishing. “By having these birds in our collection and showing the public how important these issues are, we are able to share the many ways that these populations can be helped in nature,” said Aquarium curator, Diane Olsen.