Mother: Gunman who shot 9-year-old in both legs was looking for victim’s 12-year-old brother

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HOUSTON — The Houston Police Department is searching for three possible suspects after investigators said the group fired multiple bullets at a family's home, resulting in a 9-year-old boy being shot in both legs while trying to save his younger sister. The victim's mother said she believes her 12-year-old son, who had left just moments before the shooting, was the intended target.

Shandrika Green, two of her three children and the children's stepfather were having a usual night at their home on Bringhurst Street near I-59 in northeast Houston when the suspects approached their home Monday around midnight. Green said she and her significant other looked outside the window as one of the suspects attempted to kick in the house's door— banging on the door and making loud noises.

"So a boy just came. You can see the footprint right here in the door," Green said. "He came and was banging, and a girl, she was asking for my son. Where's 'Bam Bam?' Come out, Bam Bam!' I peaked out the window, and I see my neighbor outside, too."

Green said her eldest son and niece left the house in her car. She believes the suspects thought her older son and the children were at the house alone with their stepfather.

"[He's] bangin' and everything, so I came and I looked, and my baby daddy looked. He was like, 'He got a gun,'" Green said. "I saw he got a gun [and] got all the lil' kids to the back."

That's when the mother instructed everyone to run to the back of the house, but her 9-year-old son headed to the living room.

"He thought he saw his little sister still on the couch," Green said. "He said 'cause he know she don't be listening, she just be watching TV. He said 'Mama, all I thought about was Vicky.' He jumped up, and when they jumped up— pow! Pow! Pow! They started shooting. And we all jumped on the floor."

The son was taken to the hospital for treatment after he was shot, police said. No one in the house suffered life-threatening injuries.

She suspects the shooting was backlash from a physical altercation that happened Saturday near Liberty Road. Green said she got into a fight with another woman and several others after her 12-year-old son was jumped by several boys, possibly 10 people.

"I came back, went up there and had a fight with their auntie," Green said. "They coming for my son. All they want is Bam Bam."

Police said the shooting suspects were on foot, and officers believe they were all juveniles.

"It's too much going on, and they steady carrying it on," the victim's grandmother, Theresa Green, said. "They done came and shot up my daughter's house, and they shot my grandson, trying to kill my other grandson. That's sad. It's really sad."


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