HOUSTON (KIAH) – In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, the ongoing tampon shortage, and baby formula issues, the Motherhood Center in Houston wants women to know there are local resources available.

The Motherhood Center is located near the River Oaks area. They provide education classes and support for new and expecting mothers – yoga classes, breastfeeding, coaching classes, and necessary items for patients. 

Executive Communications Manager Davina Maharaj says they believe a balanced blend of health, wellness, educational classes, and family support can empower every mom. Their goal is to help women make a smooth transition into motherhood.

“We like to think of our center as being a village of support for months. with everything going on it is a lot to do with women,” Maharaj said. “Education is key. What we don’t know is what scares us the most. So just really arming yourself with everything that you can, especially, if it wasn’t something you were planning for. The best thing you can do is inform yourself.”

The nation is also experiencing a tampon and baby formula shortage. If you’re looking for sanitary products or food for your baby, The Motherhood Center has alternative resources for women.

Additional resources for women

  • Use pads or menstrual cups
  • Check with your insurance providers. Some cover the cost of sanitary products.
  • For baby formula – breastfeeding is an alternative
  • The Motherhood Center has a waitlist to receive cans of the baby formula

The Motherhood Center says its facility is not considered a medical facility. See your doctor if needed. For more information visit MotherhoodCenter.com.