HOUSTON (KIAH)– Mothers Against Drunk Driving is partnering with the Houston Police Department and AAA Texas to spread the word of the dangers of impaired driving. National President for MADD, Tess Rowland was involved in a car accident with a wrong-way driver back in 2021. After that accident, she was left with severe fractures to her shoulder, elbow, and knee, along with internal injuries. That led to seven surgeries, four plates, and 22 screws.

Now, Rowland is working as national president of MADD to help stop reckless accidents like this from happening to others. She’s now leading an initiative called, ‘Coalition 45’ that will involve recruiting 45 youth representatives from across the country. According to MADD, “every 45 minutes, someone dies in a drunk-driving crash.

Rowland will be traveling across the country to meet with youth-focused nonprofit groups and activists to talk about the dangers that come with both drinking and distracted driving.

To learn more about Coalition 45 and to apply, visit MADD’s website for the application.