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HOUSTON – It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for all week long!  The big reveal of MTV star Casandra Martinez’ new boobs.

Well, she’s not really going to reveal them, but let’s see if she’s got bigger ta-ta’s….virtually overnight.

“Hi, Cassandra! How are you? Nice to see you,” her doctor, Dr. Franklin Rose, greeted her. “You look great. You’re only one day post-op. That’s amazing.”

“I can’t believe it,” Casandra told him. “I’m literally like moving, and I feel great.”

“And you’re heading out to Super Bowl parties tonight?” Dr. Rose asked her.

“Yes!” she enthusiastically replied.

So did she like them?

“I was so excited to take the bandage off and see the results,” Casandra told NewsFix. “And once I took it off, I absolutely fell in love with my new breasts.”

Yep, as promised by Dr. Rose — Casandra got new implants– going from a C-cup to a D-cup– and basically healed in one day!

“You did just great,” Dr. Rose said. “No bruising. No swelling. Minimal pain, correct?”

“Yes, I’m in no pain at all,” she responded.

And what does Dr. Rose think about his finished product?

“They are beautiful. My God! That’s just exquisite!” he commented.

So, does Casandra feel she’s BIG enough to score the right man now?

“It’s able for me to get back into the game, and ready to look the bomb, and my best, with my perfect pair!” she said.

Now Casandra gets to test drive her new headlights when she parties hearty at the Maxim Super Bowl Party this weekend!

“I’m really super excited!” she exclaimed.

Will she score a touchdown?

Stay tuned……to see what happens when we catch up with Casandra as she parties like a reality star!